Last week we made mention in the Blotter about a kidnapping and rape of a 28-year-old woman that occurred after the woman was picked up, maybe voluntarily, for sex around 5:30 a.m. one morning. Now we learn, via the Ex, that perpetrator Sergio Cortez, 28 (pictured), allegedly "forced his victim into a water heater closet, urinated on her and later smashed her face against a bathroom wall and on the toilet tank in a methamphetamine-fueled rage." This all happened in an empty house he'd broken into, and now we have an answer as to how he got caught so quickly.

Cortez called his cousin, who lives nearby, to come over and smoke meth and probably join in the raping of this woman. The cousin may have participated up to a point, but he seems to have become horrified/remorseful after seeing Corez brutalize the woman. He left the house, leaving the woman to get beaten and raped in a bathroom, but then he returned to pick up his cousin and try to talk sense into him perhaps, and brought the woman a change of clothes. He also then called police and had his cousin sent off to jail.