San Francisco loves a little tipple here and there (as if you hadn't noticed). And since we've ridden out this fancy cocktail movement until reaching a critical mass of artisan shakers and perfect-ice-cultivators, it makes sense that we'd celebrate that strong livered culture with a whole week of sloshy events. Thus: next week, from September 19th - 25th, the Barbary Coast Conservancy of the American Cocktail hosts the fifth annual San Francisco Cocktail Week which involves a lot of post-secondary cocktail education and a slew of cocktail friendly dinners.

While there are still plenty of tickets available for most of the main events, the gin drinking portion of the SFist editorial staff is especially looking forward to the No. 209 Gin Experience next Tuesday at Jasper's Tap Room, where the local distiller promises to help us "better understand our gin personality." (We suppose it's a bit like meditating, but with Negronis.) Those of you in the audience who don't know a jigger from a bar spoon might also do well to Release Your Inner Cocktail Artist on Maiden Lane next Saturday. And the whole shindig culminates in a big Bathtub Gin BBQ at St. George Spirits' Alameda Distillery on Sunday.

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