The roof deck above Medjool, the love it/hate it Mission hangout for Marina types, has finally won approval from the Planning Commission after operating illegally since 2005. The legalization of Medjool's rooftop party palace comes with a few stipulations. Namely: fewer people allowed up there, a smaller space and no more live music.

Although the eurodisco restaurant has already implemented a few of these changes by reducing the roof top space and removing the walk-up bar, this battle's not quite over yet. A slew of folks spoke out at yesterday's meeting to support the much quieter Buddhist Center next door and their need for zen-like peace after dark, so we wouldn't be surprised to see an appeal to Medjool's approved conditional use pop up. In the meantime, Commission President Christina Olague told both groups to maintain a friendly relationship and keep communication open, although judging by the contemptuous back-and-forth during public comment yesterday that's going to be a tall order.

At least one commissioner (rightly!) agreed we need to have more roof top bars in San Francisco, but pointed out the commission should probably figure out the size and noise guidelines for approving those first so we don't end up with more of these drawn-out battles.

Meanwhile, owner Gus Murad still has the nightclub on the market, as far as we can tell.