As we discussed yesterday, the murder trial of the year is set to take shape after Giselle Esteban, former friend of missing nursing student Michele Le, was arrested Wednesday in connection with Le's presumed murder. Esteban was scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in an Alameda court, but the proceeding was delayed because ... wait for it ... Esteban is pregnant with her second child, and claimed to be having complications with said pregnancy. As tragic as Le's disappearance is, we can't help but start reading this story as the most effed up soap opera to hit the East Bay since, well, ever.

It turns out that Esteban told ABC 7 about the pregnancy back in May, four days after Le's disappearance, when she phoned the TV station to tell them how she "openly hate[d] Michelle" but that she didn't know anything about her disappearance. The police have both circumstantial and physical evidence linking Esteban to Le's possible murder, though they have not been able to find a body. Esteban's motive, though still speculative, is thought to be jealousy — Le had remained close with Esteban's baby daddy, the father of her first child, Scott Marasigan. Obviously we have no information as to whether he is the father of the second child as well.

The judge at the arraignment yesterday said the Esteban will have to appear in court as soon as her health issues stabilize. She is currently being treated in the prison infirmary at Santa Rita county jail.