Lists. Where would struggling sites and bad l'interweb be without them? The most recent one to land in our inbox ranked the coolest and least coolest nationalities in the world. Which is an awful thing to do. Like, incredibly awful. Social media site Badoo "asked thirty thousand (30,000) people across fifteen (15) countries asked to name the coolest nationality." The end result? We rule, it seems. Here are the top ten finalists:

1. Americans
2. Brazilians
3. Spanish
4. Italians
5. French
6. British
7. Dutch
8. Mexicans
9. Argentinians
10. Russians

Coming in as the least coolest nationalities? Belgians. Those damn, dirty Belgians. (We kid. We have nothing against the fine, chocolatey people of Belgium.) They follow the Poles, Turks, Canadians (?), and Germans.

Now, you'll excuse us as we need to take a Silkwood-style shower.

(Cool American photo: Erik Wilson)