Liz Lufkin, who's most recently been the vice president responsible for front-page editorial programming at Yahoo and who once upon a time co-founded SFGate, has been ousted from Yahoo in a reorg. Editor-in-chief Jai Singh, who recently came to the company from the Huffington Post, couldn't find room on his team for Lufkin, as All Things D reports. This means that Yahoo's front page, which sees millions and millions of hits a day, will likely soon be changing, and maybe getting a little less boring?

We probably can not blame Lufkin for the ongoing boringness and complete lack of editorial priorities on the SFGate homepage — seeing as she's long gone from the site and the Chronicle SFGate hasn't seen fit to do much with it in ten years. But we're sure some of you can!

Singh's experience at the HuffPo is likely to bring a tabloid-y, link-bait-y element to Yahoo, but time will tell.

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