Similar to the annual tomato hurling that happens in Buñol, Spain, a Seattle-based company plans on bringing the rouge fruit fight to the Alameda County Fairgrounds on October 1. The Contra Costa Times reports, "Max Kraner and Clint Nelson both left finance jobs to start Tomato Battle, a daylong event at which revelers pay a fee to enjoy beer, music and to pelt other fans with thousands of pounds of tomatoes in an hourlong battle."

All tomatoes will be expired and purchased from a local food bank, so no potential nourishment will go to wast. (Expired means extra squashy, so don't worry about being pelted by a tough green tomato!) The tomato fight will also boast a battle of the bands-like music competition.

Tickets are $59.99. For more details on Tomato Battle, check out their site.

Here's a scene of this year's Tomato Battle in Colorado. (Not nearly as messy as Buñol's, but looks just as fun.)