On a particularly bleak stretch of 9th Street between Mission and Market Streets, the beige monolith of the SoMa Holiday Inn rises to the east, and a barren expanse leads up to what had been yet another big blank wall, now graced with a mural.
The space was provided by the San Francisco Quaker Meetinghouse, with work carried out by Pancho Pescador and 67 Sueños, a group affiliated with the Quaker American Friends Service Committee.

The number 67 refers to the percentage of undocumented youths who are unlikely to benefit from the problematic DREAM Act. The mural's proximity to City Hall is meant to act as a 30X100 foot reminder to politicians that a population of almost one and a half million cannot be ignored.

Visit 67 Sueños to learn more.

67 Sueños from New America Media on Vimeo.