On Jackson street in a lush part of Presidio Heights, the Nigerian Consolate has apparently left a 7-bedroom, 4-bathroom, $2.8 million home completely vacant for the past 22 years. The building served as the home of the consulate general until the Nigerian government shuttered their San Francisco consulate in the late 80s and has been home to squatters every since. Naturally, the neighbors aren't too keen on this.

According to the Examiner's look at the once-posh home, one neighbor has been fighting for twenty years to get the Nigerian Government to clean up their old place, but as you might imagine from a country which, at times, appears to be best known for harboring email spammers - they've been a little difficult to get a hold of. So, after years of making complaints, next-door homeowner Serena Ventura only recently received a response after the U.S. State Department stepped in.

Now the African Republic assures Ventura the home will one day return to it's glory as the home of the consulate general, but until then a lone private security guard keeps watch to ward off upscale squatters. We'd be a little wary of any promises to clean up though - we once got an email from a Nigerian Prince asking us to keep an eye on a couple million bucks for him, and we still haven't heard back from that guy.