If dragging your child to a drug-fueled party in the desert is your bag, you're in luck. Parenting newsletter Red Tricycle recently published this jarring Insider’s Guide to Burning Man with Kids (which we spotted on 7x7) and it is nothing short of genius. Burners/parents Harley K. Dubois (Harley) and Cory Mervis (Lady Merv) shed some light on hanging out on the playa with kids. A few recommended tips:

- "Cell phone service is unreliable at best so if you do become separated, be sure to contact a Black Rock City Ranger immediately."

- "Consider 'goggle training,' "meaning get the kiddos used to the goggles by wearing them a few minutes each day."

- "If your kid gets a nose bleed or the dreaded “playa-taters” (nose buggers), blow their noses in a moist fragrance-free towelette and then run the moisturizer inside the nostril before sleep."

- You and you kid can connect with other wee ones on the playa at Black Rock Kids.

Good grief.

Can you think of any other tips for parents bringing their kids to Burning Man?