A charming gay couple, recently transplanted from New York City to San Rafael -- in part for economic reasons, in part because the gays have got to start to think about their golden years at some point -- have found it a little tough adjusting to the 'burbs after spending decades together amidst the buzzing streets and Broadway marquis of the Big Apple. Meet Douglass Christensen and Vincent Zappacosta, who are flying back to New York in September to get legally married at their favorite infused-vodka lounge on West 51st Street.

Christensen was born in San Rafael and feels mostly at home there, but Zappacosta is going a little nuts. As the Marin IJ reports, he's started a blog, and a Facebook page called "Out in Suburbia: Gays Living in Marin" in the hopes of finding some other homosexuals in the North Bay to enjoy some infused vodka with on occasion. Also, there's no Broadway here or anything really approaching NY-caliber theater, and these two are big musical theater queens (they recently won a contest to go meet Barbra Streisand in Vegas). We feel for Zappacosta, we do. But we don't know so much about the quote he gave the paper about one of the biggest things he misses about New York: the celebrity sightings.

"I literally banged into Alec Baldwin​ once. Same with Matt Dillon. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick​ live in the Village. One night, Marisa Tomei​ came by our table. And once Ann Coulter​ was sitting behind us. I didn't realize it otherwise I would have spilled my drink on her. You see people in New York, and you don't think anything of it."

Does anyone know any show-mos in Marin that these two can play with? And by play, we don't mean anything dirty... they don't really look like Folsom Street Fair type, but you never know.