Oh dear, now this is an interesting twist in the ongoing BART vs. Anonymous saga: After posting a list of demands and calling for the transit agency to fire public information officer Linton Johnson and police chief Kenton Rainey, hackers claiming to be associated with the loose Anonymous collective have posted some, how to put this... compromising photos allegedly of Mr. Johnson.

The photos depicting Johnson exposing himself by pulling down a pair of gym shorts while wearing a t-shirt reading "STIFF" were posted to a simple website (the site's been taken down, but you can still see a cached version here) [Warning: NSFW!] this afternoon with a stern message for the BART spokesman:

If you are going to be a dick to the public, then Im sure you dont mind showing your dick to the public.... Umad Bro? #Bartlulz

No word yet on where the hackers dug up the photos, although they did include a link to Johnson's personal website which contains a couple personal photo albums like "New Years in Rio." Meanwhile, Jim Allison, another spokesman for the transit agency condemned the release of the photos, telling SFWeekly, "They are not only unethical, but illegal." He also told the paper his agency stands by their decision to shut off cell service.

That said, don't most San Franciscans have nude photos of themselves out there? He has nothing to be shamed of, folks.

Johnson became the target of many of Anonymous' attacks after taking credit for the cell phone shutdown prior to the planned protest on August 11th.