Edible Schoolteacher Alice Waters is a charitable person, we know this because she selflessly runs her high-end locavore restaurant as a cover for her secret agenda of sneaking vegetables in to every elementary school playground in the country. She's practically the Mother Teresa of organic vegetables. Now, in some sort of play to become even more Jesus-like, she's going to clothe us as well. In a t-shirt.

Actually, the Waters-designed tee is part of a charity collaboration between Chez Panisse and Levi's to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the restaurant and benefit the Edible Schoolyard project. (You might remember Levi's whipped up a similar, charitable poster at their printshop on Valencia a while back as well.)

In addition to a line of t-shirts, which we're assured are sewn from only the finest organic cotton, Levi's will also be hosting a reception on Union Square's adorable little Maiden Lane next Wednesday, August 24th from 12:30 - 2 p.m. To keep with this schoolyard theme they've got going here, Alice's Chez staff will be packing boxed lunches for attendees. Sure, that doesn't sound like the most elegant way to get a taste of Waters cuisine, but for a $5 suggested donation, it's like: what else were you going to do on your lunch break?

Also, Dave Eggers, David Byrne, Sophia Coppola and a couple other luminaries in their respective fields designed t-shirts as well. If you're in that sort of thing.

[SFist Tipline]