Here's an enjoyable thing: a 1/1000th scale model of San Francisco's most well-loved, peak-topping TV tower. This adorable wooden version of the once hated landmark is cut from 1/8th inch plywood using fancy high powered lasers, which just sounds high tech. Also: it would look nice on a desk.

The assemble-it-yourself models are a joint project between local blogger Burrito Justice and laser cutter owner Aidan, who has set up an Etsy store where you can buy the little guys. Although, you might want to be quick - the first batch of models sold out in a hurry, but Aidan assures us he can quickly whip up a few more if the orders are there. Here it is with a couple of pints of beer for scale:

For more on the manufacturing process or suggested uses for the toy that you know you totally want to buy, pop over to Burrito Justice. Or observe the laser cutting for yourself in this highly informative video:

[Etsy Store]