Breaking news regarding threatened protests on BART throughout August: No Justice, No BART, the website rallying point for last month's BART protest has posted details on another demonstration set for today's evening commute. In a blog post, which has subsequently been removed because the group wants to "mobilize without public announcement beforehand", organizers state they are planning to meet in Civic Center Station, on the platform at 4:30 p.m. Demonstrators hope to remain inconspicuous until just before the evening rush at 5 p.m. and plan to continue the demonstration until around 8 p.m. More details from a cached copy of the blog post below:

From Google's cached copy of the flyer:

Join us for another BART Action for Justice for Charles Hill: Thursday, August 11, from 4:30-8pm. Starting inside the Civic Center BART station, on the platform.

As before we will be meeting in the station, ON the platform. Please do not have any signs or banners visible as you enter the station or wait on the platform, as we wish to remain inconspicuous until the action begins at 5 pm. We will congregate at the center of the platform (next to the elevator). One of our organizers will have a 'Justice for Oscar Grant' patch on his backpack. If you approach him, he will give you a flyer that has information about the action, and watch for his cue to begin the action at 5 pm *sharp*.

Strategy: The strategy will be the same as at the last demo, although we anticipate we can be much more effective without the police or BART officials present. We call this tactic 'No Justice, No Rush'. If you haven't been to an action, you should read more about the previous demos here and here.

If you want to make your own signs and banners,the specific demands for this action are 1) fire the officer who shot Charles Hill 2) fire the police chief for lying at the press conferences, and 3) disband the BART police.

Why do it like this?
Our previous BART actions have been announced to BART passengers and the media beforehand, and although BARt has been totally aware that they are happening, they have done nothing to warn passengers of the impending disruption, and afterwards, have blamed us and villified us in the press for the inconvenience, and threatened to crack down on our freedom of expression.

For the next action we are going to switch up our model a little, and try to mobilize without public announcement beforehand. This will allow us the element of surprise, and BART will not be able to call in their police force to harrass our event.

Thanks for the tip, those of you who sent this in.

UPDATE: Protest was a bust!

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