We bring you all the latest news about the city's two most anticipated bowling venues: Mission Bowling Club and Lucky Strike Lanes. Because we know how you've been patiently waiting for some new ten-pin options in the city:

Mission Bowling Club: The forthcoming bike-friendly, boozy bowling alley headed to 17th and South Van Ness got some good news earlier this week. You might remember that somewhat barren corner of the Mission has a ban on liquor licenses and as we previously reported, the bar was depending on freshman supervisors Scott Wiener and Jane Kim to pull some strings and push through an exception to the planning code. Well, the supes are currently on recess until September, but owner Sommer Peterson of Mini Bar and Mission Bowling Club tells us that on Monday, the Small Business Commission voted unanimously to support adding bowling alleys to that exception. In other words, the Small Business Commission doesn't want you bowling sober either. With the SBC's support, Peterson says, "we are one step closer to pouring pitchers of beer for lane-side enjoyment!"

Approval of the liquor license should be a sure thing when the supes reconvene. The lanes are still on track to rack the pins and open the doors in February 2012.

Lucky Strike Lanes: LiveSoMa reports that the developers taking over the former Borders Books at 3rd and King Streets started knocking down walls and making room for 12 lanes of fancy, expensive bowling a couple of weeks ago. Reps at the national chain of upscale bowling alleys didn't have any further updates, but the ballpark-adjacent facility looks to be on track for January 2012 opening.

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