An upstart pedicab company, operating mostly along the Embarcadero, has ruffled the feathers of some more "established" pedicab companies who claim that not all of the new company's drivers are properly permitted. The established companies have now gone to the press and the City to declare that West Coast Pedicab is allowing unlicensed foreign exchange students to ferry tourists back and forth in their open-air vehicles, and that these students never paid their $300 permit fee to operate a pedicab.

Even the NYT is covering this story, folks. As ABC 7 reports, the owner of West Coast Pedicab says all these claims are false, and he's going to the city to prove it this week. He says all his drivers paid their fees, and that these other companies are just pissed about the competition he's created. But according to the NYT piece, the police are saying that not all of West Coast's drivers are licensed.

So, if you see two pedicab drivers hop off their bicycle seats and start throwing punches, you'll know why.

Watch the video below if only because there's an Italian tourist at the 0:46 mark who says something funny.