In the realm of mundane news that may actually affect you, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 39 in to law yesterday, banning the production and sale of beer infused with caffeine in this great state of California. The ban goes in to effect starting January 1st, 2012 and follows City Attorney Dennis Herrera's ongoing war on sugary caffeinated booze.

Like Herrera, the bill's author State Senator Alex Padilla doesn't like the walking-dead effect the beverages have on the drinking populace. He (again) compared the potency to be about the same as drinking five beers and a cup of coffee. With that in mind, those desperate for a readily available source of syrupy, caffeine-packed booze could always order a Whynatte - which involves a shot of Jagermeister and a latte. Sadly, the most offensive part of that drink is the Jager.

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