Seeing as how Gavin Newsom fixed the city's lackluster job market and disabled budget during his tenure as San Francisco mayor, it should come as no surprise that the budding lieutenant governor plans on giving our state economy a much-needed antidote. Newsom will head to San Jose today to reveal intricate plans on saving California's financial crisis. How's he going to do it, you ask? With green industry jobs and gadget-making, of course. San Jose Mercury News explains:

The plan aims to expand exports, green industry and new manufacturing in a state with a foreclosure-riddled housing market and the nation's second-highest jobless rate. It comes after several months in which the Democratic second-in-command searched for effective economic-development strategies in dozens of countries, from Singapore to Germany. Newsom also traveled to six other states, even making a trip to Texas with 14 Republicans.

In California, dozens of agencies oversee some aspect of employment, but they have no coordination or accountability -- something that left him "dumbfounded," Newsom said in an interview Thursday.

He also plans on creating more government jobs. So, if all goes according to plan, expect more agencies dedicated to economic and job development.

Is this all a lot of wonky rubbish and faux outrage over yet another study's findings? Not so says the Lieutenant Governor. "Nothing disturbs me more than politicians preaching jobs, jobs, jobs but not producing," Newsom goes on tell the Mercury News. After all, he was known for creating jobs at City Hall for down and out inner-circle pals -- e.g., director of climate protection initiatives and similar nonsense.

But in all seriousness, Newsom is trying. In fact, he called for a "180-day action plan" directed at "prompting longer-term reforms through legislation and executive orders. " Fingers crossed, folks.

In related Newsom news, he was removed from the Aaron Peskin-ruled Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) on Wednesday night. Because he moved to Ross. Alas.