San Francisco Police claim they've recovered the gun involved in the shooting death of Kenneth Harding. No weapon was found at the scene initially, leading many to believe fare officers were at fault for the killing. It was later revealed that Harding died from a bullet separate from the bullets used by the cops. Eve Batey at SF Appeal now reports that police claim they recovered the gun.

In a release sent by SFPD today, they say that "the small silver and black handgun, seen on the widely viewed cell phone video of the incident, was picked up from the crime scene by an individual during the chaotic aftermath of the shooting."

Police say that a neighborhood resident led officers from Bayview Police Station to the gun, an AMT .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol police say was matched through ballistic
tests conducted by the San Francisco Police Department Crime Lab.

These tests confirmed that this was the same gun that fired the fatal .380 caliber bullet, SFPD says.

No word yet about the guy who picked up the gun from the crime scene. Police would only say that "the investigation is ongoing."

Also, additional information about Harding's death can be directed to SFPD Homicide Detail at 415-553-1145.