Jonathan and Luis Baez, two brothers from Holyoke, Massachusetts, were arrested late Wednesday after assaulting a pilot on a flight bound for San Francisco. En route American Airlines Flight 1755, a flight attendant noticed Jonathan sleeping during takeoff sans his seat belt fastened. "Unresponsive and appear[ing] to be intoxicated or on drugs," the pilot then returned to the gate and confronted the passenger, which is when things got ugly.

As the brothers were being kicked off the plane, they "confronted the pilot on the jetway, punching him in the face, causing a bruise, lacerations and blurred vision in his left eye," reports KTVU.

One of the brothers was alleged to have threatened the pilot, saying, "When you fly to San Juan I will have you killed."

After "brutally" beating the pilot, one of the brothers apparently chased a flight attendant when he or she refused to allow him to retrieve a package. After attacking the pilot a second time, passengers were able to subdue the brothers until authorities arrived.

Both were charged with aggravated battery, with Luis Baez being handed an extra charge of aggravated assault.

Jonathan, however, is out of the clink now. Just a few minutes ago, he posted the following on his Facebook wall, "I hope my brother nolo comes out good he got lock up yesterday and still havet come out that shit got me mad but with god help everything will be good." (Also, he loves a good fight.) Er. wrong dude.