As the list of companies continues to climb, Cupertino-based Apple decided to yank its precious iTunes music service from noted hate group "Christian Values Network" (CVN). It all started after Western Washington University student Ben Crowthe's started a petition on going after the Stephen Baldwin- and Michael Lohan-backed group for exploiting Christianity for dastardly anti-gay and anti-woman schemes. notes:

The Apple campaign, which picked up significant momentum after 13,000 members signed another petition on Thursday, follows Microsoft’s decision to leave CVN two weeks ago, prompted by another customer-driven campaign on Several other companies have removed their online stores since then, including REI, Macy's, Delta Airlines, BBC America, and Wells Fargo.

CVN is most infamous for funding arguably deplorable organizations like Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council, organizations known for Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council. Both groups are known for fearing and attempting to stomp out freedom and sexual visibility.

Another group known for allegedly attempting to stomp out sexual freedom and visibility? Apple. If you recall, CEO Steve Jobs had a heated email exchange with Gawker's Ryan Tate in 2010 that, among other things, revealed the company's apparent "freedom from porn" agenda.