Within just a week, nascent food truck Bacon Bacon is already a star. How so? Because it's called Bacon Bacon. Also, they serve loads of bacon-laced goodies. Obviously. And after word from Thrillist and a post from yours truly went live, scores of people lined up last week to try out the latest offering from the popular food-served-from-a-motorized-vehicle craze.

And with that, Epic Meal Time (an aggressively-heterosexual-male-totally-not-at-all-gay-dude web sensation that's loads of fun to watch) will film at the Bacon Bacon truck from around noon-ish to 3pm today down at 246 Ritch Street. (Note: they will not be serving to the masses. So don't ask. However, they will be next to the Rib Whip truck, who will serve up loads of kobe brisket, ribs, & pulled pork.)

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