Well that was quick. The Chronicle reports today that the current director of the Department of Public Works has gotten the nod from the Municipal Transit Agency to fill the void left by former Muni Director Nat Ford's parachute escape. After closed interviews this week, SFMTA officials announced their decision at a press conference this morning. Reiskin was chosen over Debra Johnson who has been filing in as the agency's boss during the search for a long-term chief. Reiskin, who has plenty of management experience but none at a transportation agency, has signed on for a three-year, $294,000 annual contract that starts on August 15th.

His first big task as Muni Chief will be rolling out the new Muni Operator's contract, which you might remember the Transit Worker's Union wasn't too happy about. On the other hand, he's got plenty of support in City Hall: According to the Chronicle's examination of Reiskin's resume, he "has close ties to Mayor Ed Lee, the former city administrator who was his boss at the 311 center and the Department of Public Works. He also is well regarded by members of the Board of Supervisors." So, he's got that going for him, at least.

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