Remember how the NYT told us the Tenderloin was becoming a tourist attraction? New online activity and tour purveyors has a terrific idea! They want to give tourists to San Francisco (and those adventuresome locals who want to take a gritty, one-day staycation) a first-hand experience of what it's like to homeless for a day! Yes, for the bargain price of $100, you can eat in a shelter, hang out with a real-life homeless dude, and "live on the street" like an honest-to-god hobo! And no, we're 95% sure this is not a hoax.

Now, we should mention that part of the inspiration for this special interactive tour came from a homeless man who had this semi-ingenious idea for making a little dough. His name is Milton Aparicio, and he'll be your guide for the day should you choose to pay for this little Tenderloin adventure. Milton himself lives in a shelter, and he promises to "guide you on a 24-hour journey deep inside the minds, hearts and lives of the San Francisco homeless."

Vayable CEO Jamie Wong says, "Large numbers of tourists spend vacation time and money to tour the slums in Bombay or to volunteer in impoverished parts world. This experience is no different." Well, sure Jamie. I guess it just seems like a first when it comes to exploiting the poor in our country and treating them like animals in a zoo.

This Thursday, they tell us, Joe Freund, the technical director at a local financial investment software company, will become the first to experience Milton's tour. Here's hoping Joe winds up returning home neither stabbed, nor with syphilis.

If you would like to meet Milton yourself, or just show up and yell at them about their crazy idea, Vayable is hosting an event on July 27 at 111 Minna.

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