In SoMa, where AT&T Park has driven more than its fair share of development in the past ten years, residents of the hermetic South Beach high rises around Third and King Streets aren't happy about an enterprising man with a hot dog cart.

Gorilla Pete of Gorilla Pete's Hot Dogs, whose signature tubesteak topping is cream cheese dispensed from a caulking gun (goes great on hot links with jalapenos, trust), had been parking his cart at the 4th and King Caltrain Plaza in order to capitalize on the location's foot traffic. After trying to go legit by applying for an official street vendor permit from the city, Pete's hot dog cart was met with some resistance from the neighbors down the block at 3rd and King. Pete himself described the neighbor's ludicrous complaints in a note sent to neighborhood blog LiveSOMA:

Here’s the deal. I was asked to hold off at Caltrain until all of the hearings for my spots are heard... If you’re interested here are some of the reasons people gave for opposing me…most came from several residents at 3rd and King (20 yards from AT&T entrance).

“I refuse to accept the smell of Hot Dogs waifing [sic] into my home. I will not be peaceful about this if he is allowed to operate”

“There is too much congestion in the city already. He should be in a rural setting”

“Let’s keep the sale of food safely in the hands of the San Francisco Giants”

“The economy is too bad to allow more competition”.

The "rural setting" is just baffling (is Pete a dog?), but ballpark neighbors complaining about the smell of a single hot dog cart is truly one of the four harbingers of the inevitable NIMBYpocalypse.