According to Muni, the 22-Fillmore route from the Marina Green to Geary takes anywhere between 22 just 17 minutes. You'll need strong legs if you want to run beat that time. See, on Wednesday, July 20, The folks behind Motion Starved wants you to join them as they attempt to race (and beat!) the 22-Fillmore line from the Marina Green all the way to Geary Boulevard. Those of you first to reach the top of Fillmore Hill will be rewarded with prizes, glory.

Meet at Bay and Fillmore just before 6:20 pm on Wednesday. If the Muni schedule proves accurate (snort, chortle), a 22 Fillmore should depart at this location at around 6:30 pm.

Check out the Run With The Bus Facebook page for more details. Oh, and do remember to be careful while trying to beat the bus!