Now that Phillip and Nancy Garrido's trial is over and they both pleaded guilty to kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard and holding her captive for eighteen years, Jaycee was finally free to give her first national television interview. She likely had her pick of interviewers, and she chose kindly Diane Sawyer at ABC, whose interview with Dugard just aired last night.

Among the takeaways from the Sawyer interview are more descriptions of her captivity, including the fact that she had to learn anything she was going to learn about pregnancy and child-rearing from television, at the age of fourteen when she was first impregnated. Also, we get some updates on her post-captivity life, in which she's learned how to drive, and she jokes about her youthful skin (she is only 31 after all, folks), after years spent out of the sun.

Also, she's quite a positive gal, and seems remarkably well adjusted for someone who lost 18 years of her life in a fucked up backyard prison. "Maybe I believe in a higher power, but I believe in nature as healing," she says.