On the Food and Cocktails beat today, the latest news from the Mission is the arrival of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem a new bar and pub-food joint from the guys responsible for Tonic, Rebel and Bullitt - another possibly trademark-infringing drinking hole. Where those other locations appeal to the Red Bull Vodka, Gay Cowboy, and Steve McQueen fans, respectively - "Mayhem" is going for a decidedly gonzo theme by naming the joint after the house band on The Muppet Show.

According to Grubstreet's pre-opening report the interior ought to be "pretty crazy" and Eater previously reported the bar food fare on the menu includes a ghost pepper-topped burger and fried chicken with a bonus jelly donut. (The Mission is OVER waffles, apparently.)

Food blog copy aside, the kids at MissionMission dropped in for the soft opening at the former home of Bissap Baobab and found it to be, "a nice place to sit and have a can of Bud on a Wednesday night."

If you ask us (you didn't, but still), a Muppet-themed bar would probably fit in better wedged in between Polk Street's cub scout and 70s porn-themed bars than on Mission street where the vibe tends to alternate between "will my bike get stolen outside?" and "I can't afford these cocktails." Then again, there are plenty of plushy caricatures in the Mission, so maybe audience is there. If you drop in, be sure to let us know how it goes.

Update: Another brief review from Uptown Almanac says there isn't actually any Muppet memorabilia to be had at the bar yet, but the soft opening sounds even softer than expected: they got a shipment of American flag Budweiser and decided to sell to whoever was buying. Expect "a bunch more work" to be done on the place in the near future.