Carlos Bar, one of the few watering holes in the Mission geared towards Latinos, closed its doors on June 30. Its alcohol license was suspended by the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. Why? Mission Local reports: "According to Danielle Shafer, supervisor investigator with the Department of Alcohol Beverage ControlA six-month department investigation, which began 2009 and completed early 2010, found bar owner Carlos Gutierrez and his employees guilty of profit sharing - that is, hiring cocktail waitresses to pressure patrons into buying drinks at a higher rate than normal."

That is to say, waitresses tried bilking customers "between $5 and $10 more than the bar's standard prices," which they would then divvy between owner and waitress.

In fact, here's one Yelper who was apparently screwed over by a Carlos Bar waitress. Steven H. bemoans: "Is $8 worth it for a well vodka and tonic at 6pm on a weekday? Not at a dumpy bar I'd say. Carlos Club offers hostesses who are ready to take a drink order the minute you walk in the door, faster than your eyes can adjust to the dark interiors. I recommend getting the bottled beers because at least those prices are posted. But in general, I would not recommend the overpriced, underquality drinks here."

Although the bars owners, Carlos and Rosa Gutierrez, filed for due process when these allegations were revealed, the courts ruled against them.

Located at 3278 24th Street, the bar will remain closed "until a new application is filed and approved by city officials and the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control." Until then, a new owner could step in and, God forbid, turn the local institution into, say, a steampunk-themed eclair shop. Or whatever obnoxious retail atrocity Valencia Street denizens find tragically adorable these days.

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