Tenderloin / Shootings: Two people were shot Saturday, one of them multiple times, at the corner of Ellis and Jones. The second victim, a 78-year-old bystander suffered non-life-threatening injuries. [CBS]

Union Square / Art Theft: A brazen thief in dark glasses waltzed into the Weinstein Gallery near Union Square (383 Geary) this morning around 11:30 a.m., grabbed a Picasso drawing off the wall worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and vanished into a waiting taxicab. [Chron]

Richmond / Shootings: An apparent gang war, or something, erupted over in Richmond Sunday night, and four separate shootings within hours claimed the lives of three men, and injured three others. Connections between the shootings remain unclear. [Examiner]

Fillmore / Shooting: A man was shot outside the McDonald's on the 1100 block of Fillmore around 6 p.m. Saturday, and was transported to California Pacific Medical Center with a non-life-threatening wound to the hip. [KTVU]