California's High-Speed Rail project, which has received plenty of badmouthing from peninsula crybabies already, lost it's public relations firm last week when Ogilvy PR decided they just couldn't bear to be in the relationship anymore. In a statement from Ogilvy's managing director, the agency told the HSR Authority that they were "unable to develop a solid working relationship with [the Authority], and that impeded the top-notch work we are accustomed to providing our clients."

If that sounds like a classic "It's not me, it's you"-style defensive breakup move, that is because it was. A spokesperson for the HSR Authority told the Examiner that her group had planned to end their contract with Ogilvy PR as they get closer to laying track next year, but the global group managed to get their resignation in first. Not the classiest move, but if anybody knows how to spin a breakup it's the disciples of David Ogilvy.

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