The NYT finds the situation in S.F., with "anywhere from 9 to 37 people running to become mayor," quite amusing. The headline: "San Francisco Is Awash With Mayoral Candidates," and the story goes on to elucidate the chaos that awaits us as the election approaches, what with the ongoing confusion about ranked-choice voting, and the whole 'Run Ed Run' campaign, etc.

They have a quote from candidate Phil Ting, the city assessor, who admits, "I think to most voters, we are mostly indistinguishable [as candidates] at this point."

Also, they waste no time at all in honing in on SFist's favorite underdog candidate, Harold Miller (pictured), and his campaign promise of getting the homeless off the streets in his first week in office, and bringing in a new football team called the 1849ers, because the 49ers can go suck it if they want to move to Santa Clara. He's basically S.F.'s answer to Jimmy McMillan, the NY candidate for governor from the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, made famous by SNL.

Yes, friends, it should be an amusing second half of the year.