Ever wondered what San Francisco looks like through the eyes of former mayor Willie Brown? We have. At least twice a day we find ourselves feeling sad for our shoes that didn't come from Wilkes Bashford and staring civic buildings wondering what they'd look like if they were only more... golden.

So we're excited for Saturday's Willie Brown's San Francisco walking tour which promises to take us on "a fast-paced, factual stride through San Francisco's social movements, all through the eyes of Willie Brown." The event has an open invitation extended to Da Mayor himself to join in, although we reckon the you'd have better luck running in to him at the Third and Market Subway.

For the rest of the details on how you can see the city through Willie's eyes, head over to Indybay. The 2.5 hour tour starts bright and early at 9 a.m. outside the American Youth Hostel, 312 Mason Street. Your guide, we hear, will be David Giesen. He of the maybe-socialist Henry George Historical Society and frequent giver of interesting local walking tours.

Don't forget to check out what else is going in this weekend.