Angry housewives have come unglued in the South Bay as San Jose continues to allow nearly-nude coffee shops to operate in full glory. Shameless! One particular coffee joint, Café Quyen, boasts "scantily clad women" serving lattes, dancing, and so much more. CBS 5 reports: "Recently, cell phone video of the waitresses was shot inside Café Quyen near Tully and King Roads in San Jose. The café is in Councilwoman Madison Nguyen’s district, who said angry wives often send her the videos with the hope she could do something."

This Yelp review for Café Quyen, masterfully penned by qurth y., says it all: "Yowzers. I think I jizzed in my trousers. Crowd was mainly sketchy older sleazebags. A lot of skin and flesh jiggling. Some of the bare-istas had nice tattoos. Cool design. I want to go back, but I'm afraid I'll blast in my pants again."


And Café Quyen isn't the only one. Scores of other caffeine houses of sin have popped up all over San Jose, showing a growing epidemic of ecdysiast-baristas looking to make an extra buck. However, none of the women go full frontal since that's illegal. Alas.

Sergeant Jason Dwyer of the San Jose Police Department had this to say: "If it’s a choice between sending people out to do gang suppression or sending them into some of these coffee shops, which can be a labor intensive operation if it’s undercover, we’re probably going to lean towards violent crime."

Kudos to you, San Jose. Who knew you could be so titillating? Odd that San Francisco doesn't have any nudie coffee shops of its own.

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