Tomorrow's agenda is deceptively long thanks to a slew of budget-related items (items 6-12) and Memorandums of Understanding between the City and various unions or professional associations (items 13-36). We wouldn't be surprised if Mayor Lee shows up to answer questions about his budget, but the meat of the meeting will be the hearing on Booker T. Washington Community Center scheduled for 4 p.m.

Item 1: 17th and Folsom Park Project - to flip the Joni Mitchell line on it's head, they're gonna bulldoze a parking lot and put up a paradise. Or another spot for Mission kids to play, anyway. Neighbors ODC Dance Commons and a mission Neighborhood Health Center weren't too happy about losing the parking, but look: interactive play elements for the children! A community garden for the grownups! Must we complain about parking?

Item 4: 2009 Housing Element Plan - Will it finally pass? (Hint: Probably!)

Items 40-46: Booker T. Washington Community Center, 800 Presidio Ave - The first few items deal are approving or shooting down the center's environmental impact report. Items 43-46 make up the appeal from the Neighbors for Fair Planning, a group of folks who label themselves, "residents of the low density, Victorian era neighborhood" that surrounds the proposed BTW development. The group originally cut a deal with Supervisor Farrell to not protest the development as long as it was limited to four stories and 40 units, but the developer is refusing to budge from their 50-unit, 70,000 square foot plan. No matter how quaint the neighborhood, we're now looking at another Victorians vs. low-income housing debate. The Planning commission has recommended the board uphold the EIR.

Item 52: Commemorating the ARC/AIDS Vigil - Campos brought this one up at introductions last week. It would place a plaque recognizing the historic significance of the ARC/AIDS Vigil and place a plaque on the site in UN Plaza.

Item 53: Studying "Smoking Cessation Intervention in Buprenorphine Treated Patients" - Supervisor Elsbernd is getting the the pharmaceuticals game. He sponsored this legislation that would accept an over $26,000 grant for the DPH and UCSF to study the effects of Buprenorphine on smokers. Sounds like some real Brave New World stuff right there.

From the Clerk's Mailbag:

  • One piece of correspondance from the Colusa County Fish and Game Advisory Commission, requesting that the wild pig be made a non-game animal.
  • One letter from Eugene Zooey, regarding taxation without representation.
  • 11 Letters supporting the North Beach Library and Joe DiMaggio playground.
  • 4 Letters opposing the North Beach Library and Joe DiMaggio playground.
  • 33 Letters opposing Treasure Island development
  • 2 Letters supporting Treasure Island development
  • A letter from the Chamber of Commerce, opposing the Health Care Security Ordinance
  • A letter from David Hiller in response to a SFGate article regarding abortion policies.
  • A letter from Robert Slate with some money-saving suggestions for the city.

The full board agenda is available here and the meeting thing kicks off at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays. For those of you who like to follow along from home, you can stream it live on