7x7 picks up on what SFist has been saying for years. Restaurant bars soar above and beyond restaurant dining rooms. Yes, they do. Yes they do! And with that, here are a few that you should keep on your radar. [7x7]

Michael Bauer reviewed Hecho on Sunday. He was meh on the whole thing. "If the food was on the mark, the concept might work. But after three visits, I found the experience uneven and a little perplexing," Bauer said. "Prices also seem steep. Nigiri sushi is $3 to $4 per piece (one piece per order), and small plates are $7 to $14, so the tab adds up quickly. We spent nearly $150 for two and I could have eaten more." Which, yes, $4 for a single piece of nigiri is, at best, presumptuous. [Chronicle]

People lined up at Justin Herman Plaza today to see Top Chef contestants perform "quick fire" challenges. Apparently people have been lining up in droves all over the country to watch Bravo talent cook food they cannot eat in the middle of a public spaces. "San Francisco's own Ryan Scott is battling Season 8's Fabio Viviani, who has flown up from Los Angeles to take on quick-fire challenges at 10:30 a.m., noon, 1:30 p.m., and 3:00 p.m." Sounds...fun? In related news, what's the world coming to? [SFoodie]

Fifth Floor's "Homage to New England" lounge menu begins tomorrow. And, holy Stephen King, does it look tasty! Clam chowder puff pastry in place of oyster crackers? Clam cakes? Lobster rolls? Mmm. [The Feast]