Speaking of kids and unaffordable housing, over 100 whippersnappers and whippersnapper advocates will gather at City Hall to discuss the urgency for an increase in housing for youth in transition. Which, yes, is a critical issue, folks. To the press release via SF League of Pissed-Off Voters!

Every single year, at least 5,700 youth are forced to live on San Francisco's streets or are at risk for homelessness. Many of these youth are or were in foster care, and have cycled out of the public education and foster care systems. Without necessary support, 1 in 5 end up homeless within 18 months of being declared "independent".

A mayoral task force issued a “Housing for Transition Age Youth: Work Plan" in
2007, and committed to 400 units of permanently affordable TAY housing by 2015.
According to the Planning Department, though, of the 582 affordable units that were
constructed last year - the lowest number in years - none were designated for

Two proposed TAY housing projects now face strong opposition because of, let's face it, rampant NIMBYism. Broadway musicals and TV movies of the week haven't painted the best portraits of displaced kids. And two housing projects for youth, which would be placed in "non-traditional neighborhoods," are in serious danger. Last year, if you recall, a housing development for foster kids in transition was crapped on by haughty Marina District residents. Disturbing video report below:

Since these youths are typically hard to track down and interview, tonight's testimonials will be one of the rare times where you hear the people who are affected by this most, and not just the talking heads/executive directors of housing non-profits.

WHAT: Youth Commission Hearing on TAY Housing Needs
WHEN: Monday, June 20, 5:30 PM
WHERE: San Francisco City Hall, Room 416