In today's InsideScoop column, Da Gour-mayor drops a few less-than-subtle hints that he's working on a new, food-centric television program. As he says, he was down in LA this week "for a screening of a television show I'm a part of." Our interest is piqued, Willie. Please, go on...

...we had 60 or 70 people around. We took the core group to lunch at Spago and dinner at Cut. It turned out to be a very pleasant experience with Wolfgang (Puck) doing his number. He will be in the program, if we are able to do it the way we propose to do it.
Putting it that way makes it sound like Willie Brown is developing a reality show about Willie Brown dining in restaurants. Which would be only slightly more exciting than reading about Willie Brown dining in restaurants. But before we get too excited, we wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be a simple cameo alongside one of Puck's many television appearances and Willie just flipped the script to put himself at the head of the table.

The rest of today's column offers little else to go on about this proposed TV show. The only other mention amidst the former mayor's press release for Wolfgang's LA eateries was to tell us the dining experience at Spago and Cut "matched the television effort." Which we'll have to assume that means it'll be nice to watch, but kind of derivative.

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