In the ongoing implementation of new and less terrifying bike lanes around the city, the SFMTA is looking to clean up the problematic connection between the heavily trafficked Wiggle route in the Lower Haight and the easygoing drives of Golden Gate Park as soon as next year.

As local pedal pushers know, the Wiggle currently dumps riders off on Fell Street where recent improvements to the bike lane (it's just green paint, really) have done little to fix the clog that backs up as drivers queue up for cheap gas at the Divisadero Arco station. According to Streetsblog, the new improvements could swap the bike lanes and the parking lane, pending approval from the SFMTA which is currently conducting a study to gather opinions on the preferred traffic arrangement.

If implemented, the plan means the parallel-parked vehicles act as a buffer between the Fell Street Freeway and the fragile human bodies pedaling their way to the Panhandle. Likewise, similar improvements could come to the eastward-traveling Oak Street to help morning commuters scoot out of the western neighborhoods and on to the Wiggle as they make their way to Market Street.

Both the Fell Street and Oak Street lanes would become an integral park in the Bike Coalition's Bay to the Beach Route which also hopes to roll out the safer bike lanes along JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park. Thus making every day like Sunday for two-wheeled aficionados.