R&B duo Matier & Ross have word that the San Francisco Animal Control Commission suggests a citywide ban on goldfish sales. While buying pets from puppy and kittens mills are a oneway route to the lower circles of Hell, we're shocked to hear that pet store fish are also a problem. And that truly saddens us. Poor little Nemos.

"Most fish in aquariums are either mass bred under inhumane conditions or taken from the wild," commission member Philip Gerrie explained to M&R. "That leads to devastation of tropical fish from places like Southeast Asia."

Well, that's no good. As they say, fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly. We digress.

Local local merchants, of course, are fuming at the idea of a fish ban, saying that it would be yet another example of City Hall trying to control our lives. Supervisor Eric Mar, "who introduced a measure Tuesday to keep big pet store chains out of the Richmond District," and his fellow board members will "make the final call."