Well, would you look at this... a pair of lists drop this week which rank San Francisco as both one of the dirtiest cities in the nation (dirty as in filthy and full of trash and such), and the #1 sluttiest city in the nation.

The first listicle comes from Travel + Leisure, and it should be noted that New Orleans is #1 in dirt and grime, with L.A. a close third, and New York at #5. We're way down at #12, but like Boston is one of the most spic-and-span towns we know of, and they're at #14, so whatever. Obviously whoever voted us as dirty in this survey just doesn't like looking at homeless people.

The second list is from Trojan condoms (don't they do this every year?), in which S.F. now ranks as the most promiscuous city in the nation, with our residents, on average, clocking in at having had 30 different sex partners apiece. Clearly the gays are pushing the mean up a bit here, but sure, the straights of San Francisco like to take their clothes off and get jiggy too.

Meanwhile, thanks to Ed Lee, the Clean Streets program is back on the City's agenda, so there will soon be a renewed effort to sweep up all the trash and remove all the whores from sight.