After nearly two weeks of jury deliberations, an Alameda Superior Court jury ruled Yusuf Bey IV guilty on three counts of murder for ordering the killings of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey, Michael Wills and Odell Roberson Jr. in 2007. The other defendant in the case, Antoine Mackey was also convicted on two counts of murder in the first degree for the killing of Bailey and Michael Wills. Both Bey and Mackey will face the possibility of life in prison without parole when they are due for sentencing on July 8th.

Bey's conviction confirms that the bakery owner ordered one of his workers, Devaughndre Broussard, to carry out the murders before the Oakland Post editor could run a story on the thuggish group that surrounded the business. Broussard testified against Bey in exchange for a plea deal that lands him 25 years in prison.

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