Have you been to Rebel yet? It's fun. It's the new motorcycle-themed bar that took over the Triple Crown space, once upon a time the Octavia Lounge, and with an already pretty active gay fan base, the space on that otherwise quiet stretch of Mid-Market/Mint Slope is seeing more traffic than its had in years. During the day and early evening hours (until 9ish) Sneaky's BBQ serves food out of the kitchen, and we hear it's pretty good. We've only been there for beverages, and one simple and good concoction they've got on the menu right now feels about right for a sunny Friday afternoon. It's from bartender Sean Roland, and it's called the Hell's Angel.

Hell's Angel
1.5 oz Vanilla Svedka vodka
1 oz. tonic
1 oz. Sprite
Splash of grapefruit juice

Pour all ingredients over ice. Garnish with a mint sprig.