State Senator and shark fin soup slurper Leland Yee recently won an endorsement from the Sierra Club in his campaign for the top job in City Hall. It was a curious endorsement, given the environmentalist group's push to ban the sale of shark fin soup, but as the Weekly pointed out Sierra Club chairman John Rizzo has been circling Ross Mirkarimi's seat on the board as if he had a dorsal fin himself. If Yee got the gig in room 200 it's all but guaranteed we'll see Rizzo representing District Five. That's some shady politicking to begin with, but as BeyondChron found out today Yee's flip-flopping wasn't just limited to culinary issues. He's also being called out for going against the Sierra Club while supporting the interests of a generous campaign contributor and misrepresenting his own record as a tenant's rights advocate.

As BeyondChron explains:

Yee cast one of only three votes in the State Senate last week against SB 388. Supported by major environmental groups (including the Sierra Club) and Native American tribes, the legislation will block a large landfill in San Diego County that environmentalists have objected to for years. Bill opponents include the Waste Management Inc. company, whose PAC last year gave Yee a $2,500 contribution.

So already he's got one hand open for interest group handouts, while the other one stays busy petting the Sierra Club lapdog he's been accessorizing himself with.

It unfortunately doesn't stop there: at a local appearance for the Harvey Milk Club's forum on rent control this week, Yee told the crowd he has be a friend to tenant's rights groups ever since he moved up to Sacramento. Folks with a long memory like BeyondChron's might remember he was one of the few democrats to oppose a Mark Leno's 2003 bill that protected SRO residents under the Ellis act.

So remind us - where's the part where Yee tells San Francisco what he's actually been up to outside of the City and County?