Just in time for San Francisco Gay Pride, Absolut Vodka has introduced a "limited" SF edition. Following on the heels of New Orleans, Loas Angeles, Boston, and (oddly enough) Brooklyn flavors, San Francisco is the fifth city to receive the company's boozy bottle honor. But does it taste good? Normally, flavored vodka taste like corn syrup-tinged diarrhea. (Some might say the same about plain vodka, but those types are usually pretentious mixologists. You need to ignore those people.) In an effort to review the allegedly hella-SF booze, we demanded a PR representative to deliver a free bottle of Absolut SF to our front door posthaste for immediate tasting.

Well, not really. But close. And since we couldn't personally judge the stuff for review, because it was sent pro bono, we asked two dear friends / target audience subjects, a male homosexual and a super-cool bartender who prays at the bourbon altar, for their opinions.

After sipping Absolut SF over ice, our gay pal said, "Hmm, not bad. But you know me. I'll drink anything." Our bartender friend, after sniffing and then taking a conservative pull form the bottle, revealed, "Hmm, not as bad as I thought it would be. Even kinda OK, I guess. I don't know."

You hear that? "Even kinda OK."

As for your SFist editor? Sure, we liked it. As with most people, we enjoy clear things that make us woozy. It's flavored with grape, dragon fruit and papaya, which, according to Alcademics, "were selected to represent the city by paying tribute to the Wine Country, and Asian and Latin cultures."

It runs around $20 a bottle.