Way back in the 1990s, San Francisco was revered (sort of) as a city with which to be reckoned. Why? Because we had a stock exchange, that's why. Back in 1997, you see, people had jobs, money was made, and jerks flipped off cameras. (The latter was a Kurt-Cobainian phenomenon that, until duck face became all the rage, would sully Polaroids for years to come.) While the Pacific Exchange ceased most of its operations in 2001 -- a trading floor still operates on the second floor of the Mills Building -- many still harbor fond memories of the Pacific Exchange and all that it represented.

The video above, candidly shot at the exchange in 1997, shows traders in action. Also? Some of the most archaic monitors we've seen in ages.

In 1999, the Pacific Exchange became the first US stock exchange to demutualize. Since most financial transactions were being handled online, "dealers and brokers no longer needed to do business face-to-face," noted WiseGeek. In 2002, one year after the Los Angeles trading floor closed, the Pacific Exchange called it quits.

Located at Sansome and Pine Streets in the Financial District, the Pacific Exchange building is now an Equinox Fitness.

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