We're not even sure where to begin with this story of elder homicide, domestic disputes and alleged child abuse in Dublin, CA. Rosa Hill, a 36-year-old mother who lost custody of her child after splitting with her husband, has confessed to murdering his 91-year-old grandmother and stuffing her in a garbage can. Hill claims the slaying was self defense even though she came to the elderly woman's home, where her husband and daughter also reside, armed with a gun, a Taser, a stun gun, a sword and other weapons like a crossbow, an axe, a hacksaw, handcuffs, leg irons and pepper spray. Meanwhile, the victim was, "wielding a knife." (And also: was 91-years-old.)

The attack on her daughter's great-grandmother occurred after Rosa, acting on a nightmare about her daughter screaming for help, climbed a tree wearing six layers of clothing and a ski mask to spy on her ex-husband Eric who she claims had been molesting their two-year-old. While Eric Hill denies the allegations, Rosa insists she saw them in a compromising position from her perch in the tree. She waited for him to leave for work before approaching the grandmother as she took out the trash at which point she "completely lost it" and attacked with a Taser. When the elder hill was lying unresponsive on the floor, Rosa Hill used a stun gun on her "to see if she moved."

Further complicating things: Rosa Hill's mother Mei Li is also charged with the murder of Selma Hill, although Rosa insistes Li didn't arrive at the home in Dublin until after the incident occurred. Rosa's father Ping Li, is also charged with being an accessory to murder. If convicted, Rosa Hill faces a term of 44 years to life.