As part of ongoing efforts to curb the prostitution epidemic in Vallejo, the local police force has upgraded their hardware with the help of a local businessman. According to a KTVU report from the bankrupt town of working girls, Vallejo Police have installed two new digital video cameras (fancy webcams, really) that allow officers to view live video feeds of popular pickup spots over the Internet or from the comfort of their police cruisers.

Cash-strapped as they are, Vallejo is only getting two of the $7,000 cameras for now. Two-thirds of the cost was covered by Buck Kamhausen, a local businessman and crematorium magnate.

If this were ten years ago, Vallejo could have solved that bankruptcy problem by slapping up a website with some advertising and letting us all tune in to the real-time feed of hookers and their clientele along Sonoma Boulevard. In the meantime we're still hopeful that the department, which previously threatened to publicly publish photos of known Johns, will do the right thing and edit down some hilarious YouTube material.

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