Louis' diner, the Sutro Baths-adjacent greasy spoon and a scenic spot to eat one's way out of a hangover, has been closed since late last year for renovations. After almost losing the location they've held for the past 73 years due to a technicality in their lease with the National Parks Service, diner owners Tom and Jacquelyn Hontalas won a 10-year lease extension. While we wait for Louis' to reopen after renovations, RichmondSF takes a look inside the newly greenwashed space and takes note of some lease-required changes to the classic comfort food menu, which might change the joint's greasy spoon status. Observe:

Their new lease stipulates that all the produce they purchase be certified organic and be sourced within 200 miles of their property. The only exception to this is tomatoes, which can be sourced from a further distance to seasonal availability.
Other requirements for their food sourcing include:
  • all bread, danish, muffins and desserts shall be sourced within 25 miles of the property
  • all meat shall be all natural, hormone and antibiotic free, vegetarian fed, and humanely raised
  • eggs shall be cage-free and sourced within 100 miles of the property
  • all coffee shall be certified organic and certified fair trade

Seems like strict stipulations for a family-run diner, but we've had plenty of locally sourced gutbombs in the past, so we'll withhold menu judgement until we can taste for ourselves. In the meantime, if you'd like to see something specific on the oceanside restaurant's menu, the Hontalas encourage you to send in your suggestions on their Facebook page. So far, the wildest suggestion has been: "green salads".

[Louis' on Facebook]